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Most of the time we forget to appreciate what we are surrounded by. The beauty and variety of nature, specially here in Marbella and the power of our own body weight is more than enough to comprehensively strengthen the body in a healthy way.

Exercising in nature gives you much more possibility of toning and shaping your body.  It consists of surprising the body and its over six hundred muscles by using natural resources, like jumping over benches, pushing sand or kicking the air and effectively  strengthen its health and functionality.

It is the combination of strong cardio training, like running , sprinting and swimming and the strength resistance of natural elements. No gym can top that! Lifting your own body weight is enough, yet most people don't have the control or stability to achieve this simple action. To simultaneously work out all your muscle groups, outside in the open air and nature, that is the challenge and the fun part of my training.

Whatever the beauty of Marbella's natural surroundings and weather provides us with will  use it for your own profit. Enjoying what is around us. Working out with what we have. Your blood circulation system spins, your muscle and bone structure are challenged and function naturally together as fresh oxygen clears your mind.

Most of my clients have this -Aha effect- of saying "I live here for so many years, but I have never seen the sea like that or I never swim in the cold water but it feels so good", "Melting with the rain makes me feel so free!"

Strengthening your muscle with machines is not bad but it tends to train your muscle groups in an isolated way, which has its downsides. For example you may develop strong legs, but back-pain along with it. Or big arms but actually no strength.   Muscle and strength have to be proportional to each other, so that life pumps through a completely balanced body for good. The nice side effect of this method is that this balanced body looks sexy and strong, because it fulfills a function, to be powerful in every aspect. Human beings are instinctively looking for that. Powerful function!

My training method is designed for you, so it can be practiced everywhere in the world, any time, wherever you are, and by yourself.  Soon your will feel much stronger and full of power as  the protection of a strong balanced body gives you freedom of mind. Your life will be more enjoyable.

I am waiting for you to show you what is around you and show you your potential to use it for your own benefit. Come with me and discover yourself!

“For years I didn't practice any sport. I tried to start several times but I kept giving up. Since I met Franca and began to train with her I haven't missed a class. I always look forward to it, feeling highly motivated… The most important thing for me is that I feel much better than I used to inside and out. I never thought I would so much look forward to Mondays… the day I train with Franca has become my favorite day of the week!” Montserrat(Spain)

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