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Are you training like hell and getting nowhere? Maybe you are stuck in your muscle comfort zone! FrancaMenteFit Bootcamp is your cure!

Your body is a survivor. Only after 6 identical workouts your muscles will have figured out how to perform the exercise motions with minimum effort. And when your body adapts to your exercise routine you plateau, and immediately stop seeing results!

FMF Bootcamp reactivates your muscles by confusing and shocking them. We will keep your muscles guessing. You will be burning fat from the first minute till the last.
FMF Bootcamp is designed for you or a group to help you reach beyond your fitness limits in a fun way at the beautiful beach of Marbella. Calisthenic, body weight exercises, interval training, and strength training are all part of the program.

Your muscles will be kicked out of their comfort zone! You will improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight, and build muscles in the most efficient and effective way known. But most important of all you will start seeing real results again.
Be the best you can be!

Marbella Bikini Bootcamp coming soon!
Treat a good friend: gift-cards available

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