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We are what we eat. Today in our fast lives we routinely underestimate the importance of food, although it is basic for our well-being. We don't eat regularly, we overeat or eat too little, and more often than not we eat food that has poor nutritional value.

We just don't listen to our body anymore. We take our physical and mental health for granted, and often realize too late that our body system does not function properly without its vital energy source: Healthy Food. "I don't really have time to prepare a healthy dish", "I'll quickly eat something later" or "I can´t afford healthy food" are typical excuses. I believe in a 'body for life' strategy, instead of in ineffective short-term fashion diets. Every person has a different lifestyle, different habits and a different metabolism. How, when and what we eat should play an important role in our life.

FMF-Training demands that you eat right. Most people think that they need to diet to lose weight. The body needs a full meal to have the power and strength to build muscle and to burn fat to lose weight. Through FMF-Nutrition, together we will make food work for you, to become a lighter and more energetic you!

Carbohydrates provide the energy that you need for an optimal workout, and it is that same energy that will help you loose weight. Most people on fashion diets strongly reduce or completely skip the intake of carbohydrates. This is a big mistake. Carbs should actually account for 60% of your diet and should be consumed two hours before or directly after training. 'After training' because carbs will not only provide your system with energy, but carbs will also help your body rebuild after strenuous exercise!

Protein will provide you with the necessary amino acids to build muscle. It feeds your blood system and helps your muscles stay active and energetic for a longer time. The right amount of protein also reduces the anxiety that causes sporadic hunger attacks.

We need fat to burn fat. Natural unsaturated fat, like the one found in olive oil, nuts and fish, will help you recover from exercise and will also help you burn your own fat cells. But most important of all, natural fat helps your body absorb vitamins.

Vegetables and Fruits
Vegetables and fruits should always be part of your daily diet or at least be taken as snacks. In particular, green vegetables have no substitute. They have less sugar content than other vegetables and fruits, and are filled with vitamins and minerals that stimulate your immune system.

Last but not least .......WATER!
We always forget to drink water. Water keeps us hydrated for optimal performance. It helps our blood circulation and it is essential for the well functioning of all our organs. And if that is not enough, you can actually burn up to 26% more calories when you significantly increase your daily water intake.

Nutritionally rich and healthy food is fundamental for muscle growth, fat-loss and a strong immune system. FMF-Nutrition will help you create a natural relationship with food and show you how to eat with ingredients that will empower you and help you take control of your nutrition!