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Our strongest muscle is our brain! It will take you further then your body ever will!

I my FMF-Training I will teach you to overcome your personal limits and realize the full potential of your will power. The result will be a well-balanced body and mind.

Together, mainly with your own body-weight, we will strengthen, shape and tone your body in a natural and healthy way. There is no need to rely on one-dimensional workout machines to achieve your training goals. The FMF-Training method is designed to take advantage of natural energy sources, like sand, trees and water to stimulate your complete body. Using effective multi-joint exercises we will train your main muscle groups to find the perfect natural balance between strength, stability and flexibility. Your body is built to move!

It is very important to set the right time aside and a comfortable location to enjoy this customized hour of training. It is the hour of the day that is JUST FOR YOU. Soon you will learn to fully enjoy this time dedicated to yourself, and you will be able to concentrate while relaxing. I will be guiding you along every step. You will notice the difference. Your body will change, and you will change!

The first step is to analyze your eating and drinking habits to evaluate your current lifestyle. Then we will discuss your priorities in order to design your new personal life routine that includes fitness and well-being.
Second is to determine where you wish to be physically and mentally, and realizing how the power of your mind will take you there. Self-confidence and personal strength will be your reward.

The days that you feel tired and think you can no more, I will show you that those are the most important days. Together we will overcome this hurdle and you will grow not only your muscle tone but also your stamina. You will become a stronger person.

I will guide you every step of the way, making sure that after every session you take something valuable with you along: the satisfaction of realizing that you are starting to be the master of your life!
Become the master!

“Franca observes you, asks you, listens to you and takes you exactly to the point you want to reach. She does not only train my body, she also helps and motivates me to follow a healthy diet transmitting an extraordinary power and positive energy. After training with her I feel I can do anything I set my mind on!” Barbara (Spain)

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