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Today our life is filled with obligations. Beyond our daily work routine we have a lot of social and family "to do´s". Going to the gym requires the time that we precisely feel we lack. Also, the thought of joining the Gym and impersonal group classes can be intimidating.

FMF Training takes place in a personal and private gym, that allows you in a peaceful environment to relax and concentrate only on yourself and your personalized training session. A unique natural setting with provocative views, and only a basic set of training tools, such as TRXs, gymnastic balls and free-weights, are all we need to exercise together very efficiently and effectively.

In order to achieve our target training results we will stay on a high cardio level, stimulating and shaping muscle at the same time. Through high impact shaping and toning of the muscle structure, my exercise routines are structured to provide big variety in continuous spurs. I have designed short units of exercises that are much more efficient than single long and boring exercise routines, which tend to result, more often than not, in burning out.

Variety and efficiency are the key to muscle toning, fat burning, and serious results. You will finish FV training with a feeling of achievement and positive energy that will carry you vigorously throughout the rest of the day!

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