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My training concept strongly benefits from my fifteen year experience as a professional musical dancer and singer, as well as from my current work as a German TV actress. The competitive environment and the challenge of performing on stage every night required me to be highly disciplined, eating healthy to take care of my body, and finding inner peace to be able to focus on my work. I achieved success by constantly aiming at getting better and realizing the power of positive change.

As a trainer I am passionate about listening to my clients. We all have a perfect body in ourselves and we all have the power to change it. I personally enjoy helping my clients sculpture and transform their body into the perfect and beautiful creation that it is.

I truly believe that each one of us is physical, mental, and emotional matter, that cannot function separately from each other. We are a whole whose parts have to be in harmony in order to perform properly. Muscles, bone structure and blood systems, as well as our emotional being and intellect are dependent of one another to be in perfect balance.

Controlling your body instead of being controlled by it is the essence of a healthy and fulfilled life.
With this control your self-confidence will grow and your will power will strengthen. You will be surprised at your capacity to change, and most surprised at the inner happiness that that change brings with i
I believe in you!

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